Whether you’re working hard to get fit or are starting a new, regular exercise routine, fitting fitness classes into your life can be challenging. You need access to a gym, the knowledge and experience of a personal trainer, and the dedication to stick with your workouts. And that’s a big investment all around – one that not every wants to make. Fortunately, with today’s technology and innovation, there are other options.

You no longer need to hit the gym in order to get a great, effective workout in. All you need is a smartphone. Workout experts, personal trainers, and even fitness gurus are turning their routines into apps and online videos. And with a single fitness app, you can work out right at home.

From personalized fitness plans to weekly workout challenges, you can get fit, build strength, and tone up in your living room. Check out these five apps, all of which make at-home workouts incredibly easy and accessible.

1. Active by PopSugar

Available On: Apple App Store, Google Play, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku

Price: Currently free. A monthly subscription price hasn’t yet been determined, but customers will be notified when the app switches from free to paid¹.

Types of Workouts:

  • Boxing
  • Dance
  • High intensity
  • Low impact
  • Pilates
  • Strength and toning
  • Yoga

Why It’s Great: Active by PopSugar offers more than 500 different workouts right in the app – and new workouts are added every month². There’s truly something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner, a dancer, or a high-intensity fan. All workouts are taught by fitness experts, and you can challenge yourself beyond regular videos by participating in curated multi-week challenges. No workout lasts longer than 45 minutes, and you can mix and match workouts to target different areas of the body or muscle groups.

2. Freeletics Body Weight

Available On: Apple App Store and Google Play

Price: Free to download. Access to the workout videos costs $34.99 per month³.

Types of Workouts: All Freeletics workouts are focused on strength training via bodyweight exercises, so you don’t need any equipment. If you’d like, you can add weights for increased resistance or a new challenge, but it’s entirely up to you.

Why It’s Great: Freeletics Body Weight is the perfect way to get fit and toned at home. You don’t need a single piece of equipment. In fact, you don’t even need much space. Each workout lasts from 10 to 30 minutes, with a virtual coach guiding you through each move, fitness tests to assess your level, and timers to keep you on track. If you live in a small space, the Freeletics app offers a “2×2” mode, which is a selection of workouts all designed for spaces of just two meters by two meters (or 6.5 feet by 6.5 feet).

3. Studio Tone It Up

Available On: Apple App Store, Google Play, and ToneItUp.com

Price: New users can start with a limited free trial. After the free trial ends, access to the app’s workout videos costs $12.99 per month⁴.

Types of Workouts: Studio Tone It Up workouts are primarily focused on strength training, but there’s a lot of variety you can try if you choose. There are workouts based on kickboxing, barre, HIIT, yoga, and even pregnancy and post-pregnancy. You can also access meditation videos if you’d like to try an “inner” workout.

Why It’s Great: Studio Tone It Up offers something for every kind of fitness enthusiast. There’s a wide variety of classes, but the overall goal of each workout is to tone your muscles and increase strength. In the app, you’ll have access to workout videos, can connect with other members to find accountability partners, and can participate in live videos if you’d like. Studio Tone It Up functions kind of like a traditional fitness class – you can either work out on demand or “sign up” for the workouts you’d like to do, then get a reminder to join live when class begins.

4. Asics Studio

Available On: Apple App Store and Google Play

Price: Starts at $14.99 per month⁵. Subscription prices can vary depending on what you choose.

Types of Workouts: Asics Studio features primarily strength training workouts, but cardio workouts are also available. The cardio workouts do require a treadmill or elliptical machine.

Why It’s Great: Asics is a familiar name in workout apparel – but the Asics Studio app is an entirely new adventure. In the app, you can watch or download different workout videos, all of which are led by different trainers and accompanied by a music playlist. But here’s what makes these workouts different from all others: they’re audio-only. You won’t have any visual cues, but you can easily exercise and move freely without having to be glued to your smartphone or another screen.

5. The Be.Come Project

Available On: Apple App Store, Google Play, and TheBecomeProject.com

Price: Free to download. Access to workouts costs $35 per month⁶.

Types of Workouts: Varied. Each week, Bethany Meyers creates a new workout routine and regimen, so exercises and types of workouts change often.

Why It’s Great: While plenty of other fitness apps focus solely on working out, The Be.Come Project has a different focus. Video workouts are central to the app – but so is body positivity and a positive mindset. Before you can “unlock” the day’s workout, you’ll be asked how you’re feeling. Once a workout is finished, you’ll answer the same question. With regular use, this workout app is meant to help you build confidence and a positive mindset.

How to Find Even More Easy At-Home Workouts

No matter your fitness level or expertise, new workout apps are making it incredibly easy to exercise right at home. Now, there’s little need for an expensive gym membership – or even a personal trainer. Apps can provide you with everything you need, from instruction to equipment- and machine-free fitness.

And if you’re still searching for the perfect workout app, you can browse your app store of choice. Increasingly more fitness pros are taking their business online and right to your smartphone. You can search for workout apps, including free options, and try the ones you’re interested in. You might even find a new favorite way to exercise at home.