Working out at home has its perks. You don’t have to share equipment with sweaty strangers, you can exercise whenever it’s convenient for you, and you can save money by not having to pay a monthly membership fee. You can take your at-home exercises to the next level by investing in some equipment, and this doesn’t include thousand dollar treadmills or Peloton bikes. There are simple pieces of equipment that will challenge your body and not bust your budget.

Gym equipment comes in different varieties and price points. You can find basic items at most major retailers and compare your options to help you find ones that will fit your desired price limits and workout needs.

Here are some affordable gym equipment items to use at home.

Aerobic Stepper

Price: $35.741

If climbing stairs takes your breath away, buy an aerobic stepper to build your stamina. This equipment can be lowered and heightened with four- or six-inch raisers. It supports up to 275 pounds and is an excellent piece of equipment to implement into your HIIT or other full body workouts. You don’t have to worry about it sliding during use or scratching your floor because it’s designed with non-skid footing.

Exercise Mat

Price: $29²

Whether you’re working out on hardwood floors inside or concrete ground outside, an exercise mat is a convenient item to have. It can make your workout more comfortable and prevent injury on your joints while doing floor exercises. Plus, it gives you a designated personal space when you’re exercising and promotes cleanliness by separating you from the dirty floor and preventing sweat particles from getting everywhere.

There are different types of mats you can choose from. An exercise mat is typically thicker, up to three inches, and designed for body weight exercises.³ A yoga mat is no thicker than one inch and is more ideal for portability and storage.

Resistance Band Set

Price: $50.99⁴

Add some extra toughness to your workout with resistance bands. These flexible and multifunctional pieces of equipment can be used to make your workout feel more challenging. They provide a number of health benefits such as training muscles from all angles, increasing muscle strength and burning more calories.⁵ Resistance band sets come in a variety of strength levels, colors and thicknesses, so shop around to compare your options.

Pull-Up Bar

Price: $29.99⁶

Give your upper body a workout by installing a pull-up bar. You can use this item on the floor to perform exercises such as push ups, situps and leg raises, or attach it under doorways to do pull-ups. It’s simple to install and is designed with optional comfort grips to help you complete exercises safely. Pull-up bars are built to last, and are ideal for a variety of users since it can handle up to 300 pounds.

Exercise Bike

Price: $139.99⁷

One of the most affordable types of cardio equipment is an exercise bike, which is a small investment that you’ll quickly make up for in use. The bike won’t take up a lot of space in your home and it’s guaranteed to make you sweat. An even cheaper alternative to a traditional indoor cycling unit is buying a mini gym bike that can be placed under your desk. It’s a simpler machine that will still give you a workout, but is smaller and more portable.

Punching Bag

Price: $59.99⁸

Another way to add some cardio and strength training into your workout routine is with an at-home punching bag. This tough piece of equipment can be freestanding or hung from the ceiling, depending on your product preference. It’s a form of aerobic fitness that keeps you on your toes, builds muscle and enhances your stamina.

Stability Ball

Price: $29.99⁹

You can implement a stability ball into many types of workouts. It’s a way for you to challenge yourself against your own bodyweight during exercises like mountain climbers, planks, push-up and dips. This piece of equipment is a great way to target your core by maintaining stability and improving your balance. Stability balls can also raise your heart rate, support your lower back, strengthen muscles and improve coordination. Plus, this versatile item is available in lots of different colors to fit your at-home gym aesthetic.


Price: $39.99¹⁰

Unlike stability balls that are lightweight, kettlebells are heavy and made for strength training. They can help add extra weight to your workout without throwing you off balance during exercises like squats, arm raises and lunges. Kettlebells are available to buy in a variety of weights from five pounds, to 10 pounds and higher. You can even shop kettlebells in sets so your at-home setup has multiple weights to choose from.