We all know the benefits and importance of regular exercise. It can help with brain function and releases endorphins that aid with mental health. From increasing energy to helping you maintain a healthy body weight, incorporating a solid fitness routine into your day is a must.

Having said that … who has the time to exercise in today’s rat-race of a world? Between trying to balance work, family, and social life, many individuals out there want to exercise, but just can’t fit it into their busy schedule.

Still, surely we can all spare 15 minutes? Below are 10 different 15-minute exercise workouts to help you get moving!

10. Primal Blueprint

If you enjoy working out with weights, then the Primal Blueprint Workout is a perfect routine to get into.

You are required two weighted objects (whether that be sandbags, kettlebells, dumbbells, or barbells). The idea is to not place these objects down until the three cycles of the following circuit is complete: six cleans, six overhead presses, six squats, and six bent-over rows. While small breaks can be taken between cycles — because you can’t place the weight down during the workout — many just power through the circuit to get it done.1

9. Yoga Flow

Many love to do yoga, but simply don’t have the time to attend a class. Well, with this vinyasa routine, which is a dynamic and steady flow workout linked to yoga with continuous movement, you may be able to find your chakra in 15 minutes or less.2

The below nine-step routine only needs to be done once, ensuring that you move as fluidly as possible through each pose.

  1. Start in mountain pose.
  2. Swan dive to forward fold.
  3. Step back to downward facing dog.
  4. Plank to low push-up.
  5. Lift chest into upward facing dog.
  6. Raise hips and return to downward facing dog.
  7. Step one foot through to a low lunge.
  8. Bring back foot in to a forward fold.
  9. Stand back up to mountain pose.

8. Quick Cardio

Short and intense cardio workouts are a great way to get moving without having to spend 30 to 40 minutes in an aerobics class. The below cardio workout circuit should be done four times in total, with the walk time cut in half after every cycle. Although it’s designed for a treadmill, you can work around if you don’t have one.

  1. Sprint for one minute.
  2. Walk/jog for one minute.
  3. Sprint (incline) for one minute.
  4. Walk/jog for one minute.

7. Jump Rope

Forget any fancy or expensive fitness equipment for this one, all you need a jump rope, 15 minutes, and you!

  1. Jump rope for one minute
  2. Place the rope over a stationary object (i.e. tree, railing, etc.) that is at your shoulder height and use your body weight for the following: 15 biceps curls and 15 rows.
  3. Jump rope for one minute.
  4. Place the rope over a stationary object once again: 15 lat pull-downs and 15 triceps extensions.
  5. Jump rope for one minute.
  6. 10 CrossFit double unders.

6. Ballerina

Dancers have incredibly strong bodies for a reason, and this 15-minute workout will have you feeling as fit as a ballerina in no time. You’ll need two light weights (three to five pounds each), as well as a chair. The below circuit needs to be done twice.

  1. 50 plie squats in the first position (toes out, heels together).
  2. 50 plie squats in the second position (toes out, heels wider than hip-width apart).
  3. 50 overhead shoulder pulses.
  4. 50 biceps curls.
  5. 50 triceps kickbacks.
  6. 50 leg raises to the front (25 each leg).
  7. 50 leg raises to the back (25 each leg).

5. The Prison Workout

Since prisoners have small areas to workout in without any equipment, they need a routine that works with minimal space while using every muscle in the body. Thus, how this workout got its name.

Keep circulating the below routine, as much as possible, within the 15 minutes you have allotted for your workout.

  1. 10 squats
  2. 10 regular push-ups
  3. 10 lunges (each leg)
  4. 10 narrow (triceps) push-ups
  5. 10 jump squats

4. Leg Workout

If you are looking to strengthen your legs, get moving, and help shape a good-looking butt in the process, then this may be a nice quick fitness workout to try. The below circuit should be done twice, with minimal resting between — only to catch your breath.

  1. 50 squats
  2. 50 alternating forward lunges
  3. 50 jump squats
  4. 50 jumping lunges

3. Exercise Ball

Adding an exercise ball into a workout mix helps with balance and core strength. The below circuit also requires dumbbells and ensure that the weight you choose is challenging enough, so you can finish each rep in proper form. Each cycle is done three times.

  1. With upper back firmly on the exercise ball, use the dumbbells to do 12-15 chest presses, 12-15 dumbbell fly, and 12-15 overhead tricep dips.
  2. Lying face-up on the floor with lower legs and heels placed on the exercise ball, do 12-15 hip raises and 12-15 leg curls.
  3. In a push-up position with foot on the exercise ball, do 10 push-ups and 10 jackknifes.
  4. Hold the exercise ball over your head for 25 squats and 25 sumo squats.

2. Tabata Cardio and Strength Training

An exercise developed for Olympians in Japan during the 70s, Tabata mixes a hard and fast cardio activity (i.e. biking, running), with quick intervals of rest, over multiple repetitions.3

The below workout incorporates Tabata cardio with strength training. As such, free weights are needed for this routine.

  1. Warm Up: One circuit of squats, while also keeping your fists in front of shoulders. As you do each rep, extend your arms out in front of you, trying to reach behind your head. One minute, one set.
  2. Workout: Ensure to push yourself to the limit, while going through the reps. Do as many as you can in the time allotted. One minute, two sets for each of the following moves: dumbbell squats, dumbbell shoulder presses, dumbbell deadlifts, and push-ups.
  3. Tabata “Top-Off”: Four sets of each move, 20 seconds each exercise: sprint on the spot and squat thrust up and over.4

1. 12-Minute Workout

Why exercise for 15 minutes when there is a 12-minute option? Below is a 12-minute workout, where each move should be done continually for 50 seconds, with 10-second breaks in between.

  1. Jump squats.
  2. Lateral jump.
  3. High knees, down, jump tuck.
  4. Push-up core rotation burpee.
  5. Two side jumps, two squat jumps.
  6. Commando up and down, two kickouts.
  7. V-abs roll left to right.
  8. Superman abs.
  9. Five high knees, five switch lunges.
  10. Two dive bombers, two drunk chickens.
  11. Surfer kickouts, two jump tucks.
  12. Two push-ups, five mountain climbers.