Winter hobbies are underrated. The days may be shorter, but the list of fun activities isn’t. Spend some quality time in the snow, or stay warm and dive into a brand new hobby. Sunning yourself at the beach may be out of the question, but an open mind and a little bit of research could unlock a lifetime of winter fun.

Hobbies don’t have to cost a lot of money either. As you’ll soon find out, some of them could end up growing your income. So don’t let the winter blues take over. Be proactive, explore, and try one of these 10 popular, and affordable, winter hobbies for all ages.


Nothing says wintertime like sledding. Rushing out at the sign of a fresh snowfall is a quintessential childhood moment, and it only gets better with age. You’re never too old to hit the local hill, and sledding is never not fun. Do a little bit of research, pinpoint the best places to sled near you, and be ready to drop everything the next time it snows.

Break a Sweat!

Maximize your hobby time by getting active! The key to keeping healthy is finding something that you enjoy doing. Nobody likes long stretches of cardio, but signing up for an adult sports team, or taking a yoga class on the weekend can be a fun way to break up the monotony of going to the gym. In-person classes and recreational sports are also great places to meet new people.


Exploring over-crowded shelves, navigating tight aisles, and sorting through countless odds and ends to find something that you’ll truly cherish is a bit of a rush. But you don’t have to buy anything to have fun antiquing. The trending, environmentally friendly hobby is a feast for the senses, whether you’re looking for something to buy or just browsing.


You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy this seasonal favorite. Snowshoeing is beginner friendly, and suitable for kids and seniors alike. You can buy a set for under $100, and extend the hiking season indefinitely!1 Depending on where you live, you may be able to rent some for the afternoon. Take a friend or snowshoe solo and embrace the peacefulness of the outdoors in the winter.


Reading is good for people of all ages. It builds vocabulary, reduces stress, and may even help prevent age-related cognitive decline.2 Many of those benefits extend to audio books too.3 Books offer hours of entertainment, and are available for free through your local library. If you’re not sure where to start, ask a friend on social media, or browse the best seller lists for inspiration.


As fun as take out can be, it’s expensive and less healthy.4 More than that, cooking can bring families together in an interactive and productive way. Take a cooking class, bring home a new cookbook, or watch one of the countless cooking tutorial videos online and try your best to follow along.


Those that love it, really do love it. Hitting the ski hills is an age old wintertime tradition. It gets you outside, boosts your mood, and serves as one heck of a core workout.5 You don’t need the latest gear to be able to have fun. Most hills rent gear too. If you’re feeling a little cagey from too much indoor time, get your heart pumping at a nearby ski hill.


Winter is gaming season. It’s the time when many of the biggest games are released, and more people are indoors and able to enjoy them. Nothing chews up a weekend like exploring an exciting new world alone or with a loved one. With a near infinite number of top-tier experiences available for under $10, video games offer a ton of value.6

Board games never go out of style either. Go with a classic like Monopoly, or explore new-school greats like Settlers of Catan.7 Go head to head or work together towards a common goal. Not sure where to start? Check out a local board game café and try new games until you’re too tired to roll a dice.

Learn Something

Lots of people make the most of their indoor time by learning something new. Taking an online class, or picking up an instrument for the first time, can be incredibly rewarding. Expanding your professional skill set can certainly do wonders for your future job prospects. It may take a little planning, but consider learning something new this season.

Get Out and Have Fun!

Colder weather doesn’t stop outdoor adventurers. It emboldens them to put away the golf clubs and pick up the skis. For others, winter means a good book and a warm fire. Indoor hobbies take center stage.

Reading, gaming, and cooking can be enjoyed alone and with friends, and don’t have to cost a lot of money. So get out there and have fun. Or, stay in and dive into something rich and engaging.