When it comes to living an eco-friendly lifestyle, it can be hard to know where to start. From toxic chemicals to single-use plastics to unethical sourcing, finding ethical products are hard to come by from popular and accessible brands. This is where eco-friendly subscription boxes can come in handy. These companies curate and deliver products to your door throughout the year. You’ll not only be introduced to new products, but also sustainable alternatives to harmful items in your lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for home goods, beauty products, snacks, or anything in between, these boxes have it all. Search online to find out what type of items you can expect from these businesses.

Here are five eco-friendly subscription boxes to check out.

1. Earthlove

Every three months, you can receive a limited edition box from Earthlove. This company sends its customers up to 10 products that are sustainably sourced, natural, and ethically made from eco-conscious brands around the world. Subscribers even have the option of purchasing fully vegan boxes.

The items can include things like accessories, kitchen items, snacks, gardening, and other eco-luxuries. Some noteworthy items that were in previous boxes include:

  • Organic cotton socks
  • All-natural toothpaste
  • Certified cotton sandwich bags
  • Serving board
  • Plastic-free laundry starter kit

Each box also includes a book that can be anything from an informative read, to a recipe book, to a wellness guide, and beyond. Earthlove customers can also vote for which environmental non-profit the company donates proceeds from each box to.

All items add up to a retail price of $150 at minimum, but this seasonal box costs just $59.95. You have the option of being charged quarterly or prepaying for the year’s four boxes.¹

2. Sam & Lance

A lot of good comes from ordering a box from Sam & Lance. This company curates sustainable products from women-owned brands. Even better, 50 percent of products are from BIPOC-owned businesses.

All boxes are packaged with environmentally friendly boxes, paper, and ink. A tree is also planted with every order. The products aren’t meant to add clutter to your home, but are useful items that also happen to be sustainable and eco-friendly.

Some items that have been included in Sam & Lance boxes include:

  • Retinoic face oil
  • Cotton market bag
  • Aroma spray

Sam & Lance sells a quarterly box that costs $59.95 each. Alternatively, you could save money by paying an annual subscription of $229.80. Customers receive six to seven full-sized products with each order. You can save over 50 percent retail value with the box in comparison to buying each product individually.²

3. GreenUP

GreenUP is working to reduce the world’s plastic waste by providing customers with plastic-free products. Each season, you can receive eco-friendly alternatives to everyday laundry, kitchen, beauty, and other products typically made out of one-use plastics.

The company has a few pricing options to accommodate a range of budgets. Its three plans are:³

  1. Single Box ($64.95)
  2. Quarterly Plan ($54.95)
  3. Annual Plan ($49.95)

The items in GreenUP will help you transition away from plastic products that you might have never considered. To give you an idea of the products you could receive, here’s what’s been included in the past:

  • Porter copper and stainless steel straw set
  • Kokoa Organics natural deodorant
  • Patch bamboo bandages
  • Hav & Jord multi-purpose cleaner tablets
  • The Earthling CO. natural loofah sponge (set of five)

4. Love Goodly

Beauty products often contain harmful ingredients, so the founders of Love Goodly decided to do something about it. The box sends customers cruelty-free, non-toxic, and eco-friendly products to promote wellness and safer products.

All products are full size and each purchase supports a worthwhile cause. These boxes may also deliver healthy snacks, wellness items, and home accessories on occasion.

Love Goodly has a long list of banned ingredients that you won’t find in your bi-monthly delivery such as parabens, synthetics fragrances, coal tar dyes, and more. From lip balms to face creams to overnight peels, you can start implementing safer products into your beauty routine with this box.

The company sells two different bi-monthly subscription boxes that cost $48.95 and $34.95 each. It auto renews every other month, but customers also have the option to skip or cancel their subscription. You may also purchase a single box if you prefer.⁴

5. Let’s Go Eco

Another business that shares eco-friendly products with box subscriptions is Let’s Go Eco. The boxes are curated to produce zero waste and introduce positive lifestyle changes that benefit the planet.

The boxes are seasonally themed and delivered four times a year. Each box includes at least seven products that are plastic-free, sustainably sourced, and curated from small businesses. Some items customers received in the past include:

  • Handcrafted calendula and plantain healing salve
  • Natural retinol beauty oil
  • Upcycled plant-based chutney
  • Upcycled protein powder
  • Bamboo donut bag clip

A one-time box costs $99.99. But if you subscribe, you can save 10 percent and pay $89.99 per box. A box will be delivered every three months. It’s a worthwhile investment that will save you up to 35 percent on what you would pay in a store.⁵