Divorce: it’s stressful, emotional, complicated, and exhausting. And divorces rarely happen quickly. According to LegalZoom, the average divorce takes a full year to resolve. Some, however, can take up to 3 years.

No one wants to endure a year or more of the high stress and uncertainty that comes with divorce. From finances to child custody to dividing assets, everything about divorce is complicated.

A divorce attorney is an expert who can navigate you through the legal process of ending your marriage. Though most people believe divorce attorneys are expensive and unhelpful, the truth is completely different.

Here’s how a divorce attorney can make divorce significantly easier.

1. Attorneys Provide Objective Advice

Finalizing a divorce requires professional expertise. There are countless laws that govern divorce proceedings, and these laws vary depending on your state, your marriage, and your finances. Without help, attempting to understand all the factors involved in a divorce case can be overwhelming.

Attorneys advise you on the best courses of action; an attorney can recommend the best approach to take before you address matters in court. Ultimately, a divorce attorney will help you make the right decisions by offering unbiased advice.

2. Divorce Attorneys Offer Options You Might Miss

Every divorce is different, and different settlements, solutions, and outcomes are possible for everyone. A divorce attorney can be your knowledgeable ally who informs you of options you might not know exist.

For example, a divorce attorney can introduce an entirely new way to divide up child custody; or, your attorney could recommend a financial option that you didn’t realize you had. To be sure you have the best options possible, it’s necessary to rely on an expert.

3. Attorneys Manage Difficult Details

There’s a huge amount of important legal paperwork necessary during the divorce process. Paperwork will be required to appraise assets, manage taxes, and communicate with the judge and your spouse’s legal team.

If you make a serious mistake, such as missing a court date or failing to sign, you could be subject to prosecution for perjury, fraud, or other crimes. An attorney can accelerate and simplify the paperwork altogether.

4. Attorneys Get You What You Deserve

Settlements are the most heated piece of any divorce. To negotiate a settlement, you need legal knowledge. And you also want to make sure that you’re receiving a fair settlement.

Divorce attorneys can leverage their understanding of the law to negotiate directly with your spouse’s attorney. Having a divorce attorney at your side gives you the best negotiating tools and stop you before you agree to unfavorable terms.

5. Divorce Attorneys are Affordable

Your financial situation at the end of the divorce process will be determined by the decisions you make before a final judgement or settlement is reached. Hire a divorce attorney, and you can get a bigger financial settlement at the end.

Divorce lawyers aren’t as expensive as many people think. In fact, most divorce attorneys take their clients’ payments from the final settlement. You could work with a divorce attorney without paying a cent until your marriage is dissolved.

How to Hire a Divorce Attorney

If you’re about to endure a divorce, you need to find and hire a divorce attorney. These specialized lawyers are the perfect ally throughout your divorce, offering everything from advice to guidance to settlement help.

The most important piece of hiring a divorce attorney is speed – the sooner you hire a lawyer, the more successful your legal case will be. A divorce attorney offers benefits that you can’t get representing yourself. And you don’t have to pay a high price, either. You can work with an attorney who gets paid from your settlement, ensuring they’ll fight their hardest to win you what you deserve.