The weather is getting warmer and the season’s about to change – and that means it’s time once again for spring cleaning. Whether you’re a neat freak or a bit of a messy person, spring cleaning is a beneficial practice.

Spring cleaning is well worth the effort. It gets your living space spruced up for warmer months, and it can also work wonders on on your mind, body, and lifestyle. Here are six ways spring cleaning can improve your life.

1. Cleaning Lessens Allergies and Improves Your Breathing

If you’ve ever suffered from asthma or allergies, you know just how terrible springtime can be – from runny or stuffy noses to sneezing and coughing, spring allergies are no joke. And thanks to an influx of pollen and dust, allergies can be triggered by the change in seasons.

One way to prevent allergies and increased asthma risk is to clean your home. This spring, rid your home of potential asthma triggers and allergens like dust, pet dander, and mildew by doing a thorough deep cleaning. Removing these allergens from your home will help you breathe more freely, even if you don’t have asthma or allergies.

2. You’ll Sleep Better In a Clean Space

If you want to sleep better, try improving your sleep “hygiene” along with your home’s cleanliness. This doesn’t refer to physical cleanliness, but instead encompasses all of the habits that surround your regular bedroom routine, including banishing devices from the bedroom, avoiding caffeine in the afternoon and evening, and making your physical space as tidy as possible.

And if you do physically clean your bedroom, you’ll get a better night’s sleep. According to a poll from the National Sleep Foundation¹, 53 percent of people said that sleeping in clean sheets was integral to their sleep experience. Give your bedding a good washing when you’re cleaning your home.

3. You’ll Spring Clean Your Diet Too

Have you ever noticed that movies and TV stereotype people who eat unhealthy food as messy and untidy? Unfortunately, the stereotype that your surroundings play a role in what you eat is at least partly true.

According to the Association for Psychological Science², research has shown that individuals who are put in clean, uncluttered environments are far more likely to choose healthy food when presented with a variety of options. Those who were given the same choice in a messy, disorderly room opted for unhealthy food. So, if your environment is clean, it’s more likely you’ll make healthier food choices.

4. Spring Cleaning Gets Rid of Potential Illnesses

Spring cleaning give you a chance to clean places in your home that you’ve probably otherwise overlooked during the coldest months of the year. It’s pretty gross to think about, but even when your home looks clean, it’s full of bacteria, mold, and other allergens that could be making you sick. Little things you use every day, like bath mats, your refrigerator, and even your windows could be breeding illness in your home, Reader’s Digest³ reports.

A thorough spring cleaning gives you the chance to clean often-neglected areas like the microwave, refrigerator, bathmat, and vents, which are all places where harmful bacteria thrive. By eliminating that bacteria, mold, and other dangers, you’ll be sure no one in your home gets sick from them.

5. Cleaning Can Alleviate Stress

Although it may feel stressful and tiring in the moment to physically clean your home, spring cleaning can actually boost your mood and help you feel less stressed. In a study that was recently published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin⁴, women who were asked to describe their home were more likely to be depressed if they were describing a home that was cluttered and messy. Women whose homes were described as “restorative” were more likely to be happier over the course of their day.

So, give yourself a big mood boost by cleaning, organizing, and straightening up your home. You’ll renew your mindset and feel happier and less mentally cluttered.

6. You’ll Get Active

It’s tough to exercise, but it’s even tougher to make yourself want to clean. Fortunately, when you spring clean your home, you’re getting in a a great workout. Little actions like wiping counters, vacuuming, and washing windows burns far more calories than you likely expect.

Time⁵ reports that researchers at Indiana University found a positive correlation between physical activity and cleanliness. One of their theories was that people burned those extra calories by cleaning on a regular basis. So, schedule yourself a “workout” and pick up your cleaning supplies!

Make Spring Cleaning Easy This Year

Now that you know just how beneficial a deep spring cleaning session can be, it’s time to prepare yourself for the actual cleaning process. Although it takes effort and hard work, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be hard. Here are a few ways to make it easier on yourself this year:

  • Gather Supplies: Before you get started spring cleaning, check your stash of cleaning supplies. Throw out anything that’s expired and make a list of what you need to buy, like rags and cleaning products.
  • Set Goals: Instead of setting a broad goal to clean the whole house, break down the project into smaller areas and tasks you can focus on. Tackle each area or task individually, and you’ll be able to celebrate your accomplishments along the way without getting overwhelmed.
  • Spread It Out: Some people really enjoy cleaning, but if you’re not that type, spread out your cleaning tasks over a few days. If you don’t feel pressured to clean the entire house in one day, you’ll be more likely to complete the whole job. Don’t force yourself to clean until you’re exhausted – you’ll likely have to re-do it later.
  • Make It Fun: Before you start spring cleaning, come up with some ways to make it fun. Put together a playlist of upbeat music, and set up speakers throughout your house so you can jam out to your favorite music while you clean. Another great way to reward yourself is to treat yourself to some of your favorite foods during spring cleaning, or order in so you don’t have to cook.