The internet is a huge distraction full of social media, online shopping, and adorable puppy images on Google. But what if you could customize the browser in your favor to be more productive? Google Chrome offers just that. With thousands of extensions available to add in the Web Store, you can find ones that will help you stay on track during the workday.

To get started, all you have to do is make sure Google Chrome is your default web browser. Then you’ll be able to search and install the extensions of your choice.

Here are eight extensions to boost your productivity.

1. Save to Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best sites to store files. Whether it be a spreadsheet, document, images, or uploaded files, you can have everything you need to be organized in one place. This Chrome extension helps you to easily save web content or browser screenshots to your Google Drive. This includes documents, images, HTML5 audio, and video.

The extension already has over five million users. All you have to do is right-click and select “Save to Google Drive”. You will be able to rename and organize it within your drive for easy access.1

2. Zoom Scheduler

Since everyone is working from home, back-to-back Zoom meetings have become a norm. Make scheduling these meetings a bit easier using Zoom Schedule.

This web app helps you schedule meetings directly from your Google Calendar or instantly start a meeting. The meeting URL and information is sent through Google Calendar, so you and other attendees will never miss an invite.2

3. Todoist

Todoist has become a popular way for students and employees to stay organized throughout the workday. This Chrome extension makes it easy to plan your day and check things off as you go, straight from your browser.

With this extension, you can easily add tasks to your list as they come in, access over 60 tools like Google Drive and Slack, and implement due dates so everything is completed on time. Plus, you can track your progress with personalized productivity trends.3

4. Hugo

Do you take notes during your meetings? Then you should download Hugo for Google Chrome.

This web app connects to your calendar and allows you to easily make notes during meetings on Google Meet or Zoom. The note-taking function opens on the right side of your screen for quick access. There is also a free agenda for you to use with over 80 different templates to choose from, making it easy to find one that fits your style and organization needs.4

5. Noisli

The internet is full of distractions and makes it difficult to be productive throughout the workday.

If you’re struggling to focus, then check out Noisli. This extension creates your personal sound environment to mask noises while you work. It features curated playlists and even has a timer function to help you work in sessions. Turn on shuffle or save your preferred noises as a favorite for quick access.5

6. Notebook Web Clipper

Pull anything you need from the web using Notebook Web Clipper. This extension makes it easy to save text, screenshots, and images into digital notebooks for you to reference. Each item is saved and can sync across multiple devices. Users can also tag their clips to keep everything organized.6

7. 1Password X

With so many different websites requiring logins, how can you keep track of all your usernames and passwords? Look no further than 1Password X.

This extension is used by nearly one million people and can safely store all your login information. The app also helps you generate passwords and seamlessly integrates with Chrome for easy access to your passwords. That way, you won’t have to worry about password resets ever again.7

8. Tabagotchi

It can get really overwhelming when you have a million tabs open while working on a project. Stay on track and avoid opening unnecessary tabs using Tabagotchi.

This Chrome extension is a fun way to avoid distractions like social media and shopping. The more tabs you have open, the angrier your animated Tabigotchi gets. You can keep your Tabatgothi happy and healthy by browsing on five tabs or less per hour.8

Find More Productive Chrome Extensions Online

There are plenty of extensions for you to discover that will help you be more productive during the workday. Not only will you find the right ones to keep your mind on track during the workday, but you will be customizing your browser to meet your personal needs.

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