Whether you’re a complete health and fitness junkie looking for a little help to get you into a healthier lifestyle and physical activity routine or perhaps needing to get back into a routine, fitness gadgets can assist in getting you and keeping you on track. They can take your time at the gym and bring it to the next level. They can keep you feeling strong, healthy, and confident when it comes to the exercises you are choosing and encourage you to do better.

No matter what your health and exercise goals are, below are some of the top fitness gadgets that might be worth checking out.

9. Tinke Fitness Sensor

Want to ensure your body is at its best? With the Tinke Fitness Sensor, you can stay fit and feel great about it by being able to monitor your heart rate, understand patterns of your heart’s activity, as well as review blood oxygen saturation, and track your respiratory rate — pretty much keeping all your “vitals” in check during a workout.

To boot, all that you need to access this information is downloading the Tinke app onto your mobile phone, plugging the gadget into a smartphone, and then pressing your thumb on the sensor, and voila, you get your reading at that moment in time. Additionally, Tinke offers a Stress Index based on a person’s Heart Rate Variability. #FitnessWin

8. Withings Aura

A huge part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not only eating right and exercising regularly but also ensuring you get enough sleep. In fact, there really is no time for the gym if you haven’t slept properly the night before.

Withings Aura is a gadget that promises better sleep by monitoring patterns while a person gets some shut-eye. The sleep sensor uses audio and light technology to help bring on sleep, while also waking a person up ever so gently when the time comes.

Heads up Android users, while information on your sleep patterns is sent to your mobile device, it’s only compatible with iOS technology at the moment. Still, the gadget can detect changes in movement, light, temperature, and more to help you get the best night’s sleep. It also has a program to help with power napping.

7. ZJChao Smart Fitness

Not your everyday weight scale, ZJChao Smart Fitness scale is far more advanced. Having said that, just like any other scale it can tell you how much you weigh, but most health fanatics know that doesn’t really matter when it comes to your fitness level. ZJChao measures BMI, along with tracking muscle and bone mass, visceral fat, and water weight. All these fitness indicators can be measured within moments of simply stepping on the scale, much like a traditional one.

Furthermore, the information can be stored to track progress and goals via an app that is downloadable on both Android and iOS mobiles.

6. HAPIfork

Eating too fast can create digestive issues and even stir up problems like gastric reflux and weight gain. HAPIfork is a handy-dandy gadget that helps to track the number of times your fork hits your mouth and the intervals between. If HAPIfork finds the user is eating too quickly, it’ll let you know by vibrating.

5. Bowflex Selectech 560

Bowflex Selectech 560 touts that these two dumbbells can replace an entire rack of the traditional ones. The interchangeable discs ensure that decreasing and increasing weight is a snap. In fact, going from five pounds to 60 is said to be done very easily and quickly.

Having said all that, the 560 also has internal sensors that can track workout and fitness data, counting sets and reps, plus tracking weight, progress, and goals. Thanks to downloadable apps, information is synced via Bluetooth to the user’s smartphone device.

4. LifeStraw Steel Personal Water Filter

There are many who love hitting a gym to get their fitness on, while others prefer a nice jog or hike in the beauty of the outdoors. The LifeStraw Steel Personal Water Filter may be a handy gadget for those who spend most of their exercise regimen outside.

Run out of water while exercising in the midst of nature? There’s no need to worry if you have the LifeStraw, which offers a two-stage filter system that can be used where there is a water source available. It’s a perfect addition to your backpack when hiking or camping or an emergency kit for the outdoors in general.

3. The Orange Chef Prep Pad

You can work out all day long, but if you aren’t eating the right foods and gaining the appropriate amount of nutrients, you aren’t really living a healthy lifestyle. Here’s where the Orange Chef Prep Pad can help.

As a “smart” food scale, the Prep Pad offers users a complete breakdown of calories, fats, carbs, and proteins on either an entire meal or something as small as a single ingredient. It can also keep good eating habits on track and help you set healthy food goals via logging each of your meals.

2. Finis Neptune MP3 Player

There is nothing more difficult than finding the perfect headphone set, so you can keep that music blaring during workouts. Well, this fitness gadget could very well solve that problem for many, as it does not use earbuds; rather, music is transmitted via a user’s cheekbones to their inner ear thanks to something known as Bone Conduction audio transmission. Even better? Load up your favorite music and listen to those tunes while you are swimming because the Finis is waterproof up to 10 feet.

Perfect for any fitness junkie who finds motivation in music and handy for those who are working on their laps and swim techniques.

1. Athos Smart Clothing

Why lug around sensors on your wrists when you can just wear them? This is the idea behind the Athos Smart Clothing concept that has sensors embedded within clothes.

There are a variety of items to choose from including leggings, shirts, and shorts. Buy them in a bundle or separately depending on your fitness needs.

All data gathered from the sensors on the Athos Smart Clothing garments is logged into the mobile app through Bluetooth capabilities. The clothing monitors muscle activity, calories burned, heart rate, and active time, which gives users a greater picture of their workouts and sedentary time.