Europe is a continent positively brimming with world-class cities and natural wonders. There is no shortage of cultures to experience or landmarks to visit. Whether you’re planning a trek through several countries or immersing yourself in one special destination, a tour company can really enhance the experience.

Putting your faith in a reputable tour company is a great way to explore Europe without draining your vacation budget. With a professional tour operator at your disposal, you’ll have access to a wealth of nature, adventure, and cultural attractions.

Thanks to the variety of budget friendly tour companies, every hot spot in Europe is available and waiting to be explored. Today, we’re looking at some of the top-rated and wallet-friendly companies which offer tours of Europe all year round.

Contiki Tours

Contiki coordinates tours all over the world, and especially in Europe. Since the company is a favorite amongst young professionals, vacations are available to suit almost any budget. You can explore the Balkans or sail around Turkey for under $150 per day 1.

Are you looking to get festive? How about spending Christmas in Paris, Easter in Amsterdam, or New Year’s Eve in Berlin? Multi-night packages are available for under $700 2. But even if you’re traveling outside of the holidays, take note: Contiki has a reputation for turning any destination into a party.

Exodus Travel

For explorers who like to keep moving, Exodus Travel offers exciting hiking and bicycling treks throughout Europe. The company ensures that travelers of all fitness levels will be comfortable by ranking each package with a physical rating.

Whether you crave an easy hike along the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy, or a challenging trek across Wales, it can be had for under $200 per day 3. Get those steps in while you explore the world! For a little extra cash, you can cycle your way up the coast of Vietnam.

Topdeck Tours

Topdeck specializes in group travel that is geared toward vacationers aged between 18 – 39. From sail and swim adventures to historical destinations, Topdeck offers a wide range of treks that cost as little as $147 per day 4.

Want a winter getaway? Check Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia off your bucket list by riding the Central and Eastern Europe Express 5, an eleven-day adventure for under $1,700. Or, visit the capitals of Denmark, Norway and Sweden by taking the Scandi Express on the same budget 6!

Europamundo Vacations

Prefer to stay in one spot? Let Europamundo Vacations handle the details so that you can immerse yourself in the capitals of Italy, Spain, Turkey, or many other European locales. Imagine exploring world-class cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Istanbul for less than $100 dollars per day 7.

Europamundo offers in-depth cultural itineraries as well as adventurous getaways that take you off the grid. They not only offer family and group vacations for all ages, but also private excursions for travelers who may have specific health conditions.

Travel Zone

Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean with Travel Zone. The budget friendly tour company offers dozens of unique getaway packages for all your Grecian needs. Spend the holidays in Athens for less than $800 8, or enjoy a private tour of the Greek Islands for under $190 per day 9.

Tours with Travel Zone range from 5-day to 13-day excursions. If you crave a social experience, travel packages can accommodate groups as large as 50 people. And if you’re traveling with adventurers who know the country well, many of Travel Zone’s options are self-guided.


Cosmos Vacations offers a wealth of European tours, both big and small, with an emphasis on affordability. If you prefer to keep your trip intimate, Cosmos specializes in small groups and private tours.

While this may sound pricier, the company showcases a variety of “affordable dream” adventures for under $1,200 per person 10. For almost the same amount of money, open-minded travelers get to choose between exploring Rome and Venice, India’s Golden Triangle or Amsterdam. Where would you go?

Leave The Pesky Logistics To The Pros

It may feel like an added expense to hire a tour company, but their expertise can save you time and planning – which certainly add up in dollar value. By letting a trusted and qualified tour company handle the pesky logistics of your trip, you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Research is key, as there are countless affordable options beyond the ones presented here. And even if you choose not to travel with a tour company, their brochures offer a wealth of ideas that you can spin into your own dream vacation.