When you’re investing thousands of dollars into a new vehicle, you want to keep it looking shiny and new for as long as possible. A car cover can help you do exactly that. Not only will a cover keep your car clean, but it can protect your car from potentially damaging elements. And you can easily find the right car cover with an online search.

But every car cover is different – and that’s why you should consider a few different options before you buy one. Fortunately, you can shop online right now for all different kinds of car covers.

Learn more about car covers, their benefits, and how to properly shop for one right here.

The Benefits Of Using A Car Cover

You might be surprised how much wear and tear your car can endure simply by being parked. A one-time investment in a car cover could save you more money in the long run, like lowering the need for pricey detail sessions and maintenance.

Car covers can be beneficial for people who park their cars outdoors.¹ A cover can protect your vehicle from dirt, leaves, bird scat and other earthy elements that may get stuck on your windshield or scratch your paint job. Another tough element that can damage your vehicle is the sun. Your paint is protected by clear topcoats, but the inside can be ruined by UV rays. The sun can discolor your dashboard and upholstery, and heat can potentially crack plastic or leather.

Your car will be given an extra layer of protection from dings, scratches and clutter with a car cover. Kids or anyone walking by the vehicle can’t accidentally scratch or chip paint away with a car cover there. If branches or sticks are flying around outside on a windy day, your car cover will prevent damage.

Some other benefits of car covers include:

  • Protection against rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc.
  • Reduces risk of theft
  • Prevents pollutants and industrial fallout from breaking down your clearcoat
  • Protects vehicle from turning yellow during pollen season

Although parking in a garage seems like the ultimate protection, there’s still reason to use a car cover inside. Your vehicle is just as vulnerable to being scratched or dented from people walking by or items stored in the garage.

How To Choose A Car Cover

There are a number of things to keep in mind before purchasing a car cover. Knowing this information can prevent you from buying a cover that doesn’t fit or isn’t what you’re looking for.

Consider your driving habits when choosing a cover.² If you’re a daily commuter and drive often, you’ll want to buy a lighter-weight cover so it’s easier to maneuver. Those who park inside can also get away with using a lighter cover for moderate protection. They can be folded to the size of a sleeping bag for easy storage.

People who drive less often should invest in a heavier cover with extra protection since they won’t be needing to move it on and off as frequently. This is also a good option for parents with children who require extra protection against potential scratches or dings.

You should also consider the climate where you live when choosing a color for the cover. You’ll want to think less about aesthetics and more about what’s practical. Lighter-colored fabrics, such as silver, work best in sunny and warm climates for its reflective qualities.³

Next, you’ll have to decide whether to buy a contour-fit or custom cover. Contour-fit covers are less expensive and perform well, whereas custom covers can be specially designed with extra features. This can include mirror and antenna pockets, various materials, and an overall tighter fit.

Make sure to invest in a breathable cover. Water resistant covers may seem more appealing, but these can trap moisture under the cover and lead to potential corrosion, mold or mildew.⁴ A breathable fabric will allow condensation to evaporate long before this kind of damage can occur. Cleaning the cover when necessary will ensure the cover is effectively protecting your vehicle.

Search Online For Car Covers

Car covers are a smart investment for all vehicle owners. A simple cover can be a safety shield against preventable damage like scratches, color fading, environmental elements and harsh weather. It can even lower your chances of being a victim of crime and prevent theft.

You can potentially save money on car washes since your car will be kept clean underneath the cover when you’re not using it. Keep your car in pristine condition as long as you can by using a cover.

Consider buying a custom cover if your vehicle is a special edition. You can find experts that specialize in this product to create a quality cover that meets your needs. For other vehicles, you can browse and compare a variety of types of covers with a quick search online.

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