SUVs are incredibly popular right now, with drivers flocking to their local dealerships in search of a vehicle that can do it all: carry passengers, haul gear, navigate city streets, and ride over rough roads. But not all SUVs are equal, especially when it comes to their capabilities.

If you’re looking for a new SUV, you need to consider the best of the bunch – the SUVs that consumers and experts alike consider the highest-ranked of the year. Check out the top-rated SUVs of 2018 below.

Honda CR-V

The most popular SUV for decades, the Honda CR-V is the leader in the compact SUV segment. But the 2018 CR-V isn’t just another version of this longtime favorite – it’s reliable, affordable, and packed with safety and technological features.

Here’s why the 2018 model is a top pick for this year: even fully loaded, it’s priced just over $30,000 and it comes with a whole host of safety additions that would total thousands of dollars on other SUVs. Honda CR-V drivers get lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and even automatic emergency braking.

But it isn’t just safety that makes the CR-V an SUV you’ll want to drive. A roomier interior, a more powerful engine, and easy handling make this compact SUV effortless and comfortable to drive on your daily commute or on long-distance trips.

Subaru Crosstrek

Subaru is well-known for its highly reputable vehicles, but it hasn’t always captured the attention of SUV drivers. This year, that’s changing: the 2018 Crosstrek is Subaru’s top SUV and one of the best SUVs drivers can buy right now. A number of different media outlets have called the Crosstrek the top crossover SUV on the market, and this hatchback relative is making a splash in the SUV segment.

The 2018 Crosstrek offers drivers great options. While many of today’s newest cars are only available as automatics, Subaru lets drivers choose between a manual or automatic transmission. The different trims and packages offered let you add a customized infotainment system, the Subaru “Starlink” system that connects with all smartphones, keyless entry, and comfort-improving features like heated seats, fog-free mirrors, and moving headlights.

If you want a top tough SUV but don’t want to sacrifice your comfort when driving, the 2018 Crosstrek combines plenty of new features with the rugged reputation of its maker.

Nissan Rogue Sport

If you’re in the market for a mid-size SUV that can handle daily commuting with efficiency and comfort, you need to consider the 2018 Nissan Rogue Sport. Considered one of U.S. News’ top picks for new SUVs, the Rogue Sport features plentiful cargo space, a quiet interior, and great fuel efficiency with 25 highway or 32 city mpg.

Sporty and speedy, the 2018 Rogue Sport is perfect for those who need a car that can zip in and out of daily traffic but keep its cool on the highway. With a reliable engine and a spacious interior, it’s comfortable for both drivers and passengers – especially if you have passengers who need a bit of leg room.

Though it lacks cool new features like smartphone connectivity and the latest in infotainment, the Nissan Rogue tops its competition with affordability and agile handling.

Volvo XC90

SUVs are often thought of as big, lumbering vehicles, but what many forget is just how tough they are – and the 2018 Volvo XC90 is one of the toughest on the road. It’s also the top SUV right now when it comes to safety, earning fantastic crash test ratings.

Experts at Consumer Reports love the XC90 because of its great safety. Featuring new technology features like pedestrian and cyclist detection, automatic braking, and a rear collision warning system, this new Volvo is as alert as you are in the driver’s seat. Additionally, The Drive reports that this Volvo SUV is so strong, it doesn’t crumple like other SUVs when a collision happens, working towards the company’s goal of zero Volvo deaths by 2020.

Considered the safest SUV on the market by The Drive, there’s no questioning the 2018 XC90 ranks as the best of the best. And you’ll enjoy sitting up high, feel comfortable in the premium seats, and enjoy a fantastic infotainment system too.

Explore These Top SUVs Today

Don’t settle for an SUV that isn’t one of the year’s top picks. Your next SUV should offer everything you need as a driver, whether it’s the latest technology, the newest safety features, or the best fuel economy. These SUVs are some of the year’s favorites, and they’re loved by experts just as much as the drivers who’ve gotten behind the wheel.  

Like anything, it’s always a good idea to be aware of the latest research. We recommend comparing at least 3 or 4 options before making a final decision. Doing a search online is typically the quickest, most thorough way to discover all the pros and cons you need to keep in mind.

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