Getting healthy, fit, and in incredible shape are common New Year’s Resolutions – but they’re tough ones to stick to. No matter how dedicated you are to your get fit goals, it’s rare that you’ll keep working out and living healthy by the time spring arrives.

However, if you’re serious about getting in shape, a personal trainer could be the solution. Here’s how a personal trainer can make changes and get you in the best shape of your life in 2019.

You’ll Stick to Your Exercise Routine

The number one reason a personal trainer is effective? They’ll hold you accountable. You won’t miss a workout if you’re meeting with a personal trainer who’s just as invested in your fitness routine.

You and your personal trainer will schedule regular sessions, and while you exercise you’ll be guided by your trainer. They’ll count every rep, pushing you farther and harder than you would push yourself. And every one of your workouts will be customized to your body and goals. A personal trainer creates an exercise plan based on your fitness level, your physical ability, and any medical conditions. Every workout you complete will be one small step towards your larger goal of getting in shape.

The personalized workouts and exercise routine your personal trainer creates will help you see results faster than if you tried to get fit on your own. As you progress, your workouts will get harder. If you plateau, your trainer will adapt your exercises. And if you stick to your scheduled sessions, you won’t find yourself skipping workouts every week in favor of less healthy habits.

Additionally, when you hire a personal trainer’s help, you can’t avoid your workouts. You have two choices: skip workouts and waste money, or show up and get to work. You can’t miss a workout without a call from your trainer or without losing some of your hard-earned money.

You’ll Better Your Diet

In addition to helping you exercise in ways that benefit your unique body, hiring a personal trainer can also improve your diet. If you’ve been struggling to eat healthy or incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle, a personal trainer can offer the advice you need to finally get on track – and make those results stick.

Trainers can suggest healthy alternatives to foods you love, such as whole grain versus white bread, or ideas for incorporating more nutrients into your diet. And if you hire a personal trainer who’s also a certified nutritionist, your trainer will be able to help you more closely monitor and change your diet based on your health and fitness goals. You may be asked to keep a diary of what you eat, or your trainer could create a meal-by-meal plan for you.

It’s important to remember that personal trainers aren’t registered dietitians, though. While your trainer can offer health-conscious swaps and suggestions, you shouldn’t accept customized diet or nutrition plans as part of your fitness plan. Fitness Magazine¹ reports that personal trainers should only offer anecdotal dietary advice, and if they’re certified as a nutrition specialist, they can offer you more thorough suggestions.

Your Lifestyle Will Become Healthier

As you become stronger, exercise regularly, and follow healthy eating habits, your work with a personal trainer will change your body – but it’ll also change your entire lifestyle. A good personal trainer works to help you far beyond the gym. The best trainers help you build healthy habits that will last long after your workouts are finished and you’re back to living healthy on your own.

With your trainer, you’ll learn how to make exercise a habit, ensuring you won’t skip a workout when you’re back to managing your own fitness. Your trainer will offer guidance that will stick for years, helping you learn what to fuel your body with and what to avoid.

How to Find a Great Personal Trainer

The benefits of working with a personal trainer can be incredible – in just a few months, with regular exercise, tailored guidance, healthy eating suggestions, and a partner who pushes you every step of the way, you can achieve the get-healthy goals you’ve been after for years.

But not all personal trainers are the same. Some are registered dietitians or nutritional specialists; some carry personal training certifications; some work with individuals of all experience levels and ages. In order to find the best personal trainer, you’ll want to search for local trainers in your area who are:

  • Certified in personal training
  • Experienced in clients with fitness goals similar to yours
  • Well versed in every kind – or particular kind – of exercise
  • Affordably priced

To find personal trainers who meet your needs, start your search online. Search for trainers who work at gyms in your area and read clients’ reviews. And don’t forget to ask about price quotes before choosing a personal trainer. Many will offer you pricing based on your goals so you can easily compare your options.