If you’re struggling with addiction, a residential treatment center can offer you the level of care you need to enter recovery. Unfortunately, many of the rehab treatment centers that offer the highest level of care are incredibly expensive.

But you don’t have to settle and accept a different treatment program or center. Here are a few ways you can pay for treatment at a luxury rehab facility without breaking the bank.

Health Insurance: ACA and Private Insurance Plans

Did you know that your current health insurance plan could pay for your luxury rehab treatment program? Whether you have a government subsidized plan offered through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or a private insurance plan, treatment for substance and alcohol abuse is likely covered.

According to Healthcare.gov¹, all plans purchased through the ACA must cover treatment for substance abuse. The details of your coverage level will depend on your state and plan, but some portion of rehab must be covered.

Additionally, private health insurance will cover some of the costs of rehab. While every health insurance plan is different, your plan should cover necessary treatments and services like detox, treatment (outpatient and inpatient), and medication, The Recovery Village² notes.

Government Grants

There are government grants available for substance abuse treatment. In fact, there’s even a government agency dedicated to providing support for those who need rehab: the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

SAMHSA offers grants³ for rehab centers and substance abuse programs. If you’re in need of treatment but can’t afford the costs, SAMHSA grants can help you access exactly what you need. You’ll need to apply and qualify for these grants.

Employer Assistance Programs

Employee assistance programs, or EAPs, are work-based intervention programs meant to help any employees with personal problems that are affecting their performance at work, the Society for Human Resource Management⁴ writes.

An EAP is designed to help any employees with substance abuse issues. If your workplace offers an EAP, you can take advantage of this program at no cost. Any rehab program that’s part of a comprehensive health insurance plan⁵ will qualify, and your services will be covered while you’re in treatment.

Payment Plans

Because treatment facilities and centers often come with high costs for patients and their families, it’s common to be able to pay your bill via a payment plan. Make sure to talk with rehab centers about payments plans that allow you to spread payments out over time.

With a payment plan, you won’t have to front the total cost of your treatment before you begin attending the program. You’ll likely need a deposit, and then you’ll set up a schedule for future payments.

Luxury Rehab Treatment Can Be Affordable

The rehab program you’re seeking can be within reach. You simply need to do your research in order to find the right program for you, and search for different ways to afford and pay for your treatment program. With plenty of resources and financial options available, you don’t need to settle.

You can see which financial assistance options you might quality for and easily apply online. You can also search to find rehab options within your budget that meet the treatment needs you’re looking for. Doing your research before settling on a rehab facility or plan can help you discover the right match for your health and well-being.