When you’re diagnosed with COPD, there’s a significant cost: not only is your health compromised, but you also need medication that doesn’t come cheap. Treating COPD can require multiple medications, expensive oxygen equipment, and other medical necessities that total thousands of dollars.

Those diagnosed with COPD can quickly find themselves unable to afford all they need to manage their health. For example, if you need daily COPD medications, you’ll spend hundreds – popular options like Advair and Combivent cost between $243 and $286 per month¹. Add in a portable oxygen concentrator, which runs between $2,500 and $4,000, and the costs are sky-high².

Fortunately, there are programs available to help. With programs like the following, you can afford the COPD medication you need to manage your health.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance Program

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance Program (PPA) is a free online service that connects people with financial assistance for their medical needs. Any COPD sufferers who are struggling to pay for their medications and treatments can use PPA’s help to get affordable care.

PPA connects anyone who’s uninsured, underinsured, or simply paying far too much than they can afford on medication. You can browse PPA to find financial assistance programs, check which programs you’re eligible for, and discover nearly 500 options offered by public and private organizations, along with pharmaceutical companies. And the best part? PPA is entirely free to use³.

With the Partnership for Prescription Assistance, you could get your COPD medications for free or nearly free⁴. This option can significantly reduce your spending and save you hundreds on your medication every month.

RX Assist

If you need financial assistance, you need to visit RX Assist online. This website boasts the most up-to-date and comprehensive directly of available patient assistance programs online⁵.

The patient assistance programs RX Assist can connect COPD sufferers with are all run by pharmaceutical companies. This means that many of the programs actually provide free medications to those who can’t afford their prescription costs⁶. Like PPA, RX Assist lets you browse different programs and options so you can choose which best meets your needs.

Though the requirements to qualify for each program available through RX Assist, but the programs usually state that you must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident, lack insurance coverage, and meet certain income guidelines. Make sure to check insurance requirements before applying, as some RX Assist programs can offer help for those who do have health insurance.

How to Qualify for Financial Assistance

If you’re struggling to afford the COPD medication you need, you don’t have to worry. Help is available – but you do need to know how to take advantage of that help.

Programs like those mentioned here are fantastic financial assistance options for anyone living with COPD. And these programs can reduce the costs of managing COPD, providing you with financial relief. Both RX Assist and PPA can put COPD sufferers in touch with organizations and resources that make managing your health an affordable possibility.

In order to take advantage of the significant savings offered by these programs, you’ll need to do your research. Go online and check that you meet the qualifications for these financial assistance programs. You can also search for other programs that may meet your needs.

Doing your research will also allow you to compare prices, which can help you secure the lowest possible rate for your medications or treatments. You can look at the savings and medication costs for different financial assistance programs to determine which will save you the most. And all of this can help you take control of your COPD management, without breaking the bank or sacrificing.