Suitcases aren’t cheap – a single piece of luggage can cost hundreds of dollars. And if you’re shopping for luggage that’s durable enough for many trips over many years, you can pay as much as $1,000 or more for a complete set. But no one wants to have to keep buying cheap luggage again and again as it gets destroyed or worn out.

There are ways to save money on any piece of luggage. If you know where and when to shop, you can score significant savings and find low-priced suitcases in every size.

The key to finding affordable luggage? Shopping at the right time and at the right retailers. Here are the best ways to do exactly that.

Shop Luggage Sales in March and August

Throughout the year, seasonal sales happen. And you’ve likely noticed that every year, the same items go on sale around the same time. For example, you can find winter clothing on sale in January and February, ahead of spring. Lawn care items typically see sales ahead of spring and summer.

And this same pattern goes for luggage too. According to CNBC, new luggage styles arrive in stores each March – meaning stores mark down last year’s suitcases¹. During this month, you’ll be able to find significant discounts on luggage that’s brand-new but considered an “older” model.

These same discounts happen each year in August too². As summer traveling winds down, retailers mark down their luggage in an effort to move it before fall items arrive.

Shop during one of these two months, and you can get great, quality luggage at a much lower price.

Check Out Discount Retailers

If you’re hoping to score a discount on luggage beyond the months of March and August, you’ll want to shop at stores known for low prices. And the best place to do that is discount retailers.

Certain stores sell overstock from various department stores and designers. They take items that didn’t sell and offer them to customers at a steep discount. Stores – and websites – like T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Century 21, Nordstrom Rack, and more all offer discounted travel gear within any budget. This gives you the opportunity to find popular brands, like Samsonite, Tumi, and Bric’s luggage, at a far lower price.

Don’t forget that discount retailers also offer sales, clearance events, and markdowns of their own too. You may be able to save even more if you check out these stores or websites when they’re offering sales.

Shop at Factory Outlet Stores

Another way to find quality luggage at a discounted price is to shop outlet stores. Plenty of big brands in the luggage space have factory outlet stores – Samsonite in particular has stores across the U.S. – at outlet malls.

Factory outlet stores sell items at marked-down prices all year round. Outlet stores give luggage brands the opportunity to sell either “seconds”, or items that can’t be sold at full-price, or lower-priced items designed just for outlet shoppers. Generally, factory outlets offer lower prices to what you’d find at a regular or department store.

And on top of those everyday savings, outlet stores often offer special savings events throughout the year too. For example, around certain holidays Samsonite offers 50 percent off all of its luggage at outlet stores³.

Search Online for Discounted Luggage

Whenever you need luggage, you can search online for suitcases within your budget. The Internet offers plenty of places to shop for and buy low-priced luggage.

In fact, there are a few retailers in particular that stand out for great deals. TripSavvy notes that Walmart offers special offers on luggage, as well as a selection of low-priced suitcases every day⁴. eBags is another great online luggage shop. The eBags online store specializes in luggage, and you can score discounts with the retailer’s “Steals of the Day”, clearance bags, and luggage GiveBackBox discount program⁵.

These are only two examples of online luggage retailers. If you search online for luggage, you’ll find options for any budget. And if you specifically look at retailers known for low prices and sales, you can score a fantastic deal. For example, shopping during the popular REI Garage Sale can help you find great luggage at a steep discount⁶. All you have to do is search for luggage sales and retailers.

Look for Luggage Deals All Year Long

The key to saving money on luggage is timing your shopping – and shopping in the right places. Looking online for luggage, and then searching for discounts at various retailers, can help you see all of your options. And if you time your search during the right months of the year, you may even find bigger savings and markdowns.

Keep an eye on your favorite stores too. Luggage can wind up in clearance sections or get deeper discounts during sale events. In order to catch the best possible deal, it’s a smart idea to search often for the luggage you’re interested in.