Electric toothbrushes may have started as a niche product, but they’ve exploded in popularity. But are electric toothbrushes a good choice for you?

According to Dental Products Report¹, electric toothbrushes have many benefits over regular toothbrushes, from timers to easier brushing. And electric toothbrushes are no longer expensive – their price has steadily fallen, making them an affordable option for people concerned with oral health. Here are the best electric toothbrushes to consider if you’re looking for a better brush.

1. Philips Sonicare Essence+

The Essence+ is Philips Sonicare’s cheapest electric toothbrush and is a great choice if you’re looking to give electric toothbrushes a try. At $39.99, this purchase won’t break the bank, but it will give you most of the great benefits of an electric toothbrush. It has one mode and one brush head that combine to remove three times more plaque than a manual toothbrush. The Essence+ comes with a QuadPacer that alerts you when you’ve spent the optimal amount of time brushing each section of your mouth.

The Essence+ is easy to use. Its battery holds a charge up to 10 days. The click-on brush head system allows for easy maintenance and cleaning. The Essence+ also comes with an easy-start program that is great for people who are new to electric toothbrushes. The system allows for a gradual increase in brush power over the first 14 days of use, ensuring that your teeth and gums will grow accustomed to the electric toothbrush over time.

2. Oral-B Genius 8000

If you love technology, then this is the electric toothbrush for you. With a price range of $199.99-$249.99, the Genius 8000 isn’t the cheapest electric toothbrush on the market, but it isn’t the most expensive either.

The technology suite offered with this toothbrush is quite impressive. The Genius 8000 will connect to your mobile device through Bluetooth, where the Oral-B app will monitor your brushing and provide you with coaching to ensure you’re brushing optimally. This electric toothbrush also comes with the 360 SmartRing. This technology is a set of LED lights featuring 12 colors that alert you when you are using the correct brushing pressure. The Genius 8000 utilizes Oral-B’s patented round brush head technology that surrounds each tooth, offering a more thorough cleaning than manual toothbrushes.

3. Quip

Quip is a different type of product. They offer a single electric toothbrush to use as part of their overall system that features other products, such as specialized toothpaste. The toothbrush itself is fairly priced and is offered through a “plan”. There are different plans to choose from, the cheapest of which offers the toothbrush for $40 when you buy their subscription plan that offers refill heads every three months for $10.

The Quip electric toothbrush is perfect for traveling. The system comes with a wall mount, travel cover, and slim design perfect for storing on long trips. Quip’s vibration guides allow you to focus on one part of your mouth for two minutes. The bristles on these brush heads utilize soft, round-tip bristles that are perfect for your gum line and teeth.

4. Burst Sonic Toothbrush

Burst is another company offering a subscription service for electric toothbrushes. With a subscription, you can get one of their electric toothbrush systems for $69.99. Their replacement brush heads are $6, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

These electric toothbrushes come in both black and white, and their unique brush heads are made with charcoal bristles that absorb impurities, resulting in whiter teeth. The Burst Sonic Toothbrush comes with three brushing modes that ensure you’re able to find the most comfortable setting for your teeth. With over 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute, this toothbrush will clean your teeth much better than a manual toothbrush.

5. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart

This offering by Philips Sonicare is expensive, but at $329.99, you get quite a few features that aren’t offered by other electric toothbrushes. The DiamondClean Smart toothbrush has an array of sensors that, when connected with the DiamondClean Smart app, provide data and feedback to help you achieve the best brushing technique possible. This toothbrush also comes with five modes and three intensities, allowing you to focus on different areas of your mouth with the perfect brushing rhythm.

The DiamondClean Smart will do a lot for your oral health. It can remove more plaque than a manual brush and works quickly, giving you healthier gums in just a few weeks.

Start Brushing Better Today

There’s little doubt that electric toothbrushes can lead to a better brushing experience than manual toothbrushes. By utilizing technology to give yourself a better brushing experience, you can increase the health of your teeth and gums within weeks.

There are many electric toothbrushes on the market, and while finding the best electric toothbrush in such a saturated market may seem daunting, with just a little research, you can find the best brushing experience tailored specifically to your needs.

Interested in switching to an electric toothbrush? Like anything, it’s always a good idea to be aware of the latest research. We recommend comparing at least 3 or 4 options before making a final decision. Doing a search online is typically the quickest, most thorough way to discover all the pros and cons you need to keep in mind.