Video conferencing has been around a long time, but it has revolutionized the world of business in the last few years. When the pandemic hit, companies looked to make remote work simpler and more efficient. As such, the video conferencing industry blew up almost overnight.

Many modern video conferencing software comes with additional features that make collaboration among team members simpler, no matter where they are. Besides video, many software options also offer voice calls, livestreaming and text-based chat features.

With so many available options, choosing the right video conferencing software can feel overwhelming. Although dozens of options are currently available, 10 stand out as the top programs in 2022.

What to Look for in Video Conferencing Software

The features that are most important in video conferencing software depend on the size of your company and the extent of your company’s remote operations. For example, some companies may need limited remote capabilities because their teams primarily work in the office, whereas others may be entirely remote.

Regardless, you want software that provides high-quality video, preferably with options that support those with low connectivity. The ability to use text-based chat or audio-only calls is also beneficial. Above all, you want scalable video conferencing software with solid security features that fit your company’s budget.

Free vs. Paid Options

Many video conference software options have free versions. Free is always tempting, so you may wonder if you can make do with one of these options.

If you have a small business or a company with few remote collaboration needs, you may be fine using free options. However, if yours is a larger operation or your company needs more remote operations, you’re unlikely to find the features or tools you need in free options. If you do choose a free option, ensure that it’s easily scalable to a paid version if your company plans to grow in the future.

Top Video Conferencing Software

1. RemotePC Meeting

RemotePC Meeting starts at only $9.95 a year and gives you the option to instantly create a meeting and share a clickable link with other attendees.1 Additionally, it’s possible to join discussions using VoIP for improved security. This feature is also helpful when one or more participants have poor internet connectivity.

RemotePC Meeting can be integrated with Google, Outlook, and Yahoo calendars with no maximum number of participants or time limits. You can share your screen and record any session.

2. GoTo Meeting

GoTo Meeting starts at $12 monthly for up to 150 participants and has an option for as many as 250 meeting members for only $16 a month.2 Besides video conferencing, this software also has audio conferences, screen sharing and breakout rooms. Users can access the software via mobile apps for on-the-go communication or a browser.

Slack, Office, Salesforce, and Google calendar are a few integration options. In addition, advanced security features ensure private information is kept safe, and there’s no limit to the number of meetings or their duration.

3. Zoom

Zoom provides a free option with limited features for up to 100 meeting attendants at a time. Paid options range from $149.90 (for 100 participants) to $240 (for 500 meeting members) annually.3 You can start conferences from any web browser or dedicated desktop and mobile applications.

Zoom provides the ability to share your screen, create transcripts and integrate the software with several popular calendar systems. The best part about Zoom is the recently enhanced security features. The end-to-end encryption and role-based user security features make Zoom HIPAA compliant.

4. BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans Meetings has options ranging from $9.99 to $16.66 monthly, with participant limits of 100 to 200, respectively.4 The software was recently purchased by Verizon, which decreased the product’s pricing and enhanced the existing security features. Collaborative features include background noise cancellation and whiteboard and screen sharing.

BlueJeans Meetings can be integrated with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook Workplace, and other collaboration tools. You can create instant meets from a mobile or desktop application. The browser extension requires no download, which sets it apart from most other video conferencing software options.

5. Intermedia AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting doesn’t offer transparent pricing on its website, so you have to contact the company for a quote to fit your needs. In addition to video conferencing, this software can be used for text-based chatting or screen sharing and has a cloud-based service with VoIP capabilities.

You can schedule recurring meetings and integrate with several popular productivity tools. AnyMeeting is best for small companies with 12 or fewer meeting members, although the software can host 30 participants.5

6. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting has a free option that allows two people to meet. However, its paid options are affordable. The $3 a month option allows for 10 participants, and the $15 monthly option accommodates up to 250 participants.6

This simple and easily scalable option features screen sharing, video conferencing and digital calling. You can also record meetings and download them to your computer. Key security features and encryption technology make conferences easy to protect and moderate.

7. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex has a free plan that’s surprisingly full-featured, making it the best choice for companies hoping to permanently remain on a no-cost option. The free option supports 100 members and allows screen sharing and private rooms.

The business option is only $25 monthly and allows for 200 participants per meeting. Besides the features already available in the free choice, the business option also provides meeting recordings, breakout rooms, virtual backgrounds, closed captions and cloud-based phone numbers.7

8. Google Hangouts Meet

With Google Hangouts Meet, video conferencing is available with more extensive workspace plans that range from $6 monthly for 100 participants to $18 a month for up to 500 meeting members. This video conferencing software works in the Google Chrome browser or in mobile apps.8

Google Hangouts Meet is fully integrated with all Google’s productivity and email tools. In addition, an enterprise option allows meetings to be recorded or livestreamed. The recorded conferences are then saved to Google Drive.

9. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is a little pricey, with plans starting at $25 a month for 10 team members and $60 monthly for up to 100 team members.9 However, it has some key features that make it an excellent video conferencing software option for those who want to do online seminars or classes.

For example, ClickMeeting supports screen sharing with the ability to play slideshows and videos as well as conduct question-and-answer sessions or live polls. It also includes built-in marketing and analytics tools.

10. Lifesize

Lifesize has a Plus plan that costs $14.95 monthly per host, with a minimum of 10 hosts. Plus allows for 300 participants, Microsoft integration, one hour of cloud recording storage per host, a centralized management console and unlimited conference durations.10

The Enterprise plan costs the same per host but requires a minimum of 50 hosts. It includes all the Plus plan’s features but with some key additions. For example, it allows for up to 500 members and cloud recording storage becomes unlimited, plus livestreaming is enabled.

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