If you’re going to all the trouble to collect mountains of client and performance data, then you might as well go all the way. The industry’s top business analytics tools help analysts store, process, and analyze crucial data. This in turn boosts their ability to identify weaknesses and highlight potential growth opportunities.

Business analytics is the future of growth, and the key to improving your ability to make informed decisions and forecast future trends. You should be able to see why investing in the right business analytics tools is so critical. Every business should want to arm their analysts with the best tools.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the biggest names in business analytics, highlight a few things they do best, and what you can expect to pay for them.


AnswerRocket leans on machine learning and AI to transform raw data into actionable insights. You don’t need decades of experience in business analytics either. Just ask AnswerRocket in plain English and receive an instant answer, wherever you are. Clients love AnswerRocket for its ability to deliver insights fast, which allows them to execute faster than their competitors.1

Getting started with AnswerRocket is a matter of contacting a representative directly. The company offers three flexible deployment methods including hosted, hybrid, and self-hosted service options. You can meet with an expert, book a demo, and get a quote by filling out their online submission form.2


Highly customizable and built to scale to any size, BOARD bills itself as the solution to all your planning needs. This all-in-one platform uses the data that you already collect to help you make better decisions now and in the future. The only thing longer than BOARD’s illustrious client list is perhaps its list of industry awards. BOARD’s clientele surely find security in knowing they share similar tools to industry pioneers like Coca-Cola, Toyota, and KPMG.3

Potential clients can sign up for a free demo on BOARD’s website right now! Unfortunately they don’t mention price points or package offerings on their website, but receiving a quote is as simple as connecting with one of their representatives via their on-site instant messaging app.

SAS Business Analytics

Often referred to as SAS BA, SAS Business Analytics uses a single platform for data exploration, analytics, and reporting to deliver valuable and trusted insights. It’s designed to help users make sense of large swatches of unorganized data, and use it to educate future decisions. The platform lays out user data visually, making it easier to explore and understand. SAS Business Analytics simplifies collaboration too, by making the data visualizations easy to share across both web and mobile devices.4

SAS is highly customizable and includes so many optional tools that it’s near impossible to list all of them alongside their prices.5 From visual data exploration to office analytics, getting a handle on all of the things that SAS can do for you, and what it might cost, really is a matter of reaching out to a representative and requesting a customized quote.


Not to be outdone by its competition, Splunk boasts an impressive client base that includes international brands like Honda and Heineken. Reap the rewards of full-stack visibility, elevate your security with automated investigations and responses, and even build your own app. With Splunk, you can harness the power of automation with one or multiple of Splunk’s analytics tools.6

The platform offers multiple subscription platforms built to service a variety of needs. The offerings include Splunk Security Solutions, Splunk Observability Solutions, the Splunk Cloud Platform, and the Splunk Enterprise Platform. Of the four options, only the Splunk Observability Solutions lists a price ($15 per host, per month). To learn about the costs of those others, you’ll have to connect with Splunk’s sales team.7


QlikSense makes it easy for everyone on your team to experience the power of data-driven decision making. The intuitive platform uses AI to present essential data in a way that anyone can understand. More than that, all of the data is delivered in real-time, and with intelligent alerting. Which results in immediate, data-driven action and the peace of mind that comes with preparation.8

A QlikSense Business license costs $30 per user, per month. That’s far from their only offering though. The company also lists the bespoke Qlik Sense Enterprise Saas cloud solution that features an increased capacity and supports multiple user types. The cost of that package is only available on request, but QlikSense does let potential clients try their platform for free.9

Replace Weakness With New Opportunities

As you can see, the choices available to data-driven businesses are vast. The benefits you stand to enjoy by investing in the right business analytics tool are too. Which is why you should always take your time to research available tools, learn about new innovations, and actively watch industry trends. Doing so ensures that you’ll never be left behind by competitors that outgrow you.

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