Accepting online payments is a blessing that can quickly become a curse for those without the proper protection. Accepting CNP payments, or purchases where the physical card is not present, opens you up to chargeback fraud. Unwarranted chargeback requests cost time and money, but they don’t have to happen to you.

There are indeed a lot of tools available to small business owners to protect against this very thing. Software that can simplify chargeback disputes and even prevent chargebacks altogether. The path to protection starts by taking a look at the best chargeback management software solutions in the industry.


Any doubts about Riskfied’s ability to protect your business from chargeback fraud should be dispelled by a quick glance at their client list. Wish, Wayfair, Prada, and Ticketmaster trust the eCommerce giant, so you can too. Riskified uses machine-learning models to automatically verify orders and avoid false declines.

Users aren’t required to pay a monthly fee either. Riskified offers two plan types, Shop Protection, and Select & Submit, both of which operate on a per-order basis. The price per order is determined by usage and sales volume. To find out how much Riskified might cost you, visit their website and fill out their pricing form.1


Chargeflow has a flashy client list too, but it’s the software’s user experience that truly sets it apart. Though it can’t protect against chargebacks, Chargeflow automates the chargeback dispute process, saving the business owner time and money. How much money? According to their landing page, Chargeback boasts the best win-rate in the industry.2

The cost of fully automated dispute management is 20% of all recovered chargebacks. While that may sound like a lot, it’s important to note that Chargeflow doesn’t charge a monthly fee or a set-up fee. They don’t require a contract either. Talk about a win-win!


For a one-stop fraud prevention solution, consider Sift. Their end-to-end digital trust and safety platform handles everything from passwordless authentication to payment protection to dispute management. The integrated system eliminates the confusion and inefficiency that comes with relying on a multitude of single-purpose software solutions and instead unifies the entire process under one umbrella.

Though Sift does operate on a tiered pricing system, the plans and their respective prices are not publicly available.3 Getting a quote and becoming a partner is a matter of filling out an online form and connecting with a Sift representative.4


Sinifyd is a chargeback fraud solution that’s built to scale with your business. The company takes a holistic approach to keeping you and your customers safe, with a menu of solutions that includes everything from fraud protection to payment optimization.5

Costs and rates are dependent on the size of your business. Small businesses don’t have to pay a monthly fee but pay 1% of every approved order, while larger businesses pay upwards of $1,000 a month depending on their needs.6


Flag suspicious payments before they get approved with this fast and reliable chargeback management system. SEON can’t take care of the chargeback resolution process automatically, but its intuitive list of customizable tools can help prevent them from happening altogether. Plus, SEON still allows you to easily export all transaction related info to help simplify disputes.

Finding out how much the software might cost you is a matter of calculating your monthly API usage using SEON’s online calculator. Either way you can get it and use it for free, or schedule a demo online right now.7


ChargebackGurus uses a system of alerts and active professional monitoring to help their clients win over 70% of their chargeback disputes. Their team of experts actively help prevent chargeback fraud in real time too.

They’ve been in the business for over 15-years, and their use of a combination of software tools and fraud experts sets them apart. The company doesn’t list their pricing online, but booking a demo and getting a custom quote is as simple as filling out the submission form on their website.8


VeriFi is a full-service solution that does more than just protects sellers from fraudulent chargebacks. It uses enhanced transaction information to prevent disputes altogether. Its ability to resolve pre-disputes quickly can substantially improve your customer experience as well. You’ll need to call VeriFi directly to learn more about costs and services, but connecting with a real team member is as easy as calling them toll-free.9

Stay Safe

Burning daylight trying to navigate chargeback fraud all on your own is a nightmare. Free yourself from chargeback dispute prison by investing in chargeback management software. Protect your time and protect your money.

Which one works best for you is relative. Nobody knows your business better than you, so if none of the top seven software solutions above are a match, keep searching online until you find the perfect fit.

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