Today, it’s easier than ever to tackle any task. Thanks to smartphones and even smarter gadgets, everything is at the tip of our fingers – but what many people don’t realize is that these great new technologies are also making life easier for dogs and dog owners.

You use your smartphone for everything from checking in on social media to hailing a ride. And now, you can care for your dog right from your smartphone. Like the popular ridesharing app Uber, there are many different apps that let you set up or manage your dog’s care in seconds. Here’s what you need to know about getting dog care right on your smartphone.

How to Use These Apps

Finding dog care is as easy as browsing the internet or opening your smartphone’s app store. There’s an app for just about everything now, and that’s true for dog owners in need of a little help, too. The latest apps offer services like dog grooming, dog walking, and dog sitting – and you can vet candidates, schedule appointments, and even check in on your pup throughout the day with these awesome apps.

So, how can you get started? Just head to your gadget’s app store (look for the App Store on Apple devices and Google Play on Android devices). Select the apps you’d like and download them. Then, you’re ready to set up your dog’s care in mere minutes. Most apps just take a single click to download, and screen prompts will tell you everything you need to know and set up any dog-friendly services.

Get Your Dog’s Needs Cared For

Now that you’ve downloaded the right apps, you can start planning and arranging for your dog’s care with ease. Today’s pet care apps allow you to handle all of the planning and preparation from your smartphone, all from a distance. Does your dog need to be walked a few times each week? A dog walking app will allow you to choose a local dog walker and check out references or reviews from other pup parents. Then, you can decide on a rate – some apps allow you to set a price, while others let dog walkers choose their rate – and a schedule, as well as provide any details the dog walker needs to know. Once you’ve done your research, your new dog walker will come to your home as scheduled to take care of your dog’s weekly walks!

Dog sitting and grooming apps work in similar ways. You can view references, read others’ reviews, and vet pet professionals before choosing someone to hire. Then, you can rest easily and go about your life knowing your dog’s grooming and daily care are handled. You can even check in on your dog no matter where you are. These apps will allow you to communicate with those you hire, ask about your dog, and even track your dog’s location when they’re out on a walk. You can ensure your dog is getting the best possible care – and that you’re getting what you paid for – in these apps.

Don’t Forget About Security

Many people are wary of downloading any app because there are real security concerns involved with technology. After all, using apps to care for your dog can mean giving important personal information to your new dog walker or pet sitter. You’ll also be sending payments through these apps, so it’s important to be cautious yet knowledgeable.

In order to protect your dog and yourself, make sure you thoroughly research and vet the professionals you’re considering in pet care apps. If you’re arranging care for your dog while you aren’t home, you should definitely meet the walker or sitter before handing over your house keys or entrusting your pet to a stranger.

In addition to researching the professionals you’re considering hiring through these dog-friendly apps, you should also research the app and its policies for hiring sitters and walkers. Does the app do background checks and provide insurance? Do they require any certifications of their pet professionals? If the app makes no claims to vet their partners, you should look elsewhere.

Research the Best Options

Your dog is a key member of your family, and their care is incredibly important. However, in the real world of today’s busy families, it’s tough to find the right services that fit your budget and your schedule and take care of your dog’s needs. Relying on smartphone apps – the Uber-like apps designed for dog owners – can help you balance your pup’s needs with your busy life.

From booking pet sitters and kennel stays to scheduling walks and grooming to finding a new vet, you can do it all through today’s new dog-driven apps. These helpful apps are a fantastic addition to improve your dog’s care, but you need to make sure you do your research in order to find a reliable and trusted partner.

Research different apps and services online, reading reviews of different apps and checking out the most important features or aspects. And don’t forget to compare and consider pricing and the available services. While doing your research and searching for different dog apps, you can also check out which apps offer deals, discounts, or coupons. Many new apps offer specials for first-time users or first-time customers, meaning you can save while trying out a new, tech savvy way to care for your dog.

Like anything, it’s always a good idea to be aware of the latest research. We recommend comparing at least 3 or 4 options before making a final decision. Doing a search online is typically the quickest, most thorough way to discover all the pros and cons you need to keep in mind.