Imagine sailing away on a beautiful cruise ship. Even better, imagine that ship pulling up to a private tropical island filled with exciting adventures, food and drinks, and private cabanas, where everything is waiting just for you. It’s the ultimate in luxurious living.

This isn’t a dream or a fantasy. This trip of a lifetime is real, and you can go. The private island is called “Perfect Day at CocoCay,” and it belongs to the Royal Caribbean cruise company. Royal Caribbean is spending $200 million to renovate the island and make it into the ultimate family vacation destination. These amazing renovations will be completed in the fall of 2019.

What is CocoBay?

CocoCay is Royal Caribbean’s 125-acre private island in the Bahamas, located 55 miles north of Nassau. Its pristine beaches delight the senses, and the special attractions that are now under construction will provide thrills for every member of the family.

Get Ready for Royal Caribbean’s Perfect Day Island Collection

Royal Caribbean will be renaming CocoCay. The newly renovated island will be called “Perfect Day at CocoCay.” It is the first island in Royal Caribbean’s Perfect Day Island Collection, which will include private islands in the Caribbean, Asia, and Australia. The islands will be opening over the next several years.

Perfect Day at CocoCay’s Amazing Special Attractions

CocoCay will feature amazing attractions, including one of the largest waterparks in the Bahamas, with a total of 13 water slides. Some of these attractions surpass everything else that’s now available in the Caribbean or even all of North America. Here are some of the highlights:

  • ”Daredevil’s Peak,” a 135-foot slide, which will be the tallest in North America
  • ”Screeching Serpent,” a high-speed vertical slide
  • The largest wave pool in the Caribbean
  • A helium balloon ride that goes up 450 feet in the air, giving riders amazing views from the highest vantage point in the Caribbean
  • An obstacle-course pool perfect for kids
  • A 1,600-foot-long zipline that ends in the water
  • ”Oasis Lagoon,” the Caribbean’s largest freshwater pool, with a cove for families, a cove for adults containing a swim-up bar, and a cove containing cabanas
  • ”Chill Island,” where you can ride a jet ski, relax on the white sand, swim, take a guided snorkel tour in the clear waters, or enjoy a tasty plate of BBQ.
  • ”South Beach,” where the fun never stops — play volleyball or beach basketball, ride a paddle board or a glass-bottomed kayak, grab a bite at the Snack Shack or a drink at the floating bar, and rest up in the shade of a beach tepee.
  • ”Coco Beach Club,” featuring over-the-water cabanas, each with its own water slide and over-the-water hammock for the ultimate in relaxation
  • Nature walks to discover the island’s beauty

Booking a Cruise to CocoCay

The renovated Perfect Day at CocoCay will officially open in November 2019, but some attractions will be available earlier. The new pier is scheduled to open in September 2018, Oasis Lagoon and Chill Island in November 2018, the waterpark and the renovated South Beach in April 2019, and the over-water cabanas at the Coco Beach Club in November 2019.

If you’d like to go sooner, you can visit CocoCay before all the renovations are complete. Here are a few sample itineraries for cruises you can book now:

  • A 3-night cruise from Orlando, Florida, to Nassau and CocoCay leaving January 11, 2019, from $235, plus taxes, fees, and port expenses
  • A 4-night cruise from Miami, Florida, also to Nassau and CocoCay leaving November 26, 2018, from $369, plus taxes, fees, and port expenses

What the New Features at CocoCay Will Add to the Cruise Experience

When the Perfect Day at CocoCay renovations are completed, the island will take family-oriented family travel to a whole new level.

CocoCay sets a lot of new records. If you are the type of person who likes to try new things, you will enjoy the bragging rights that come with going down North America’s tallest water slide or riding a balloon to the highest vantage point in the Caribbean. Nowhere else in the Caribbean can you enjoy your own over-the-water cabana.

CocoCay provides safe and thrilling adventures for kids that they will remember for the rest of their lives. The balloon rides and slides are a thrill for adults too. If you would rather chill out, you can enjoy a cocktail at a floating bar, take a nature walk, or marvel at the underwater life on a snorkeling tour or on a glass-bottom kayak. Or you can just lie on the beach, feel the sun on your back, and let all your cares melt away.

The new CocoCay features set the bar higher for cruise vacations. If you’ve cruised before, CocoCay will offer you attractions you haven’t yet experienced. If a cruise to CocoCay will be your first cruise, it’s a fantastic introduction to the world of cruising.

Are you curious about what it would be like to experience $200 million worth of renovations? No expense will be spared to create an environment dedicated 100 percent to enjoyment, adventure, and relaxation for you and your family.