SUVs are one of the hottest vehicles on the road right now, and just about every driver wants to own one. This is partly because SUVs are such versatile vehicles – they can meet nearly any need and any kind of driver.

Of course, because SUVs are so popular, there are seemingly countless choices available. Here’s a guide that can help you easily decide which SUV is right for you.

The Best Luxury SUV: 2019 Lexus RX Hybrid

Starting MSRP: $45,995¹

The 2019 Lexus RX Hybrid may be another member of the fourth generation of RX, but this SUV is setting a new standard for luxury SUVs. With impeccable craftsmanship, sharp and modern design, and an entire host of luxurious details and features throughout, this RX Hybrid isn’t a vehicle you want to miss.

Thanks to its hybrid engine, this SUV gets excellent fuel economy. The newest Lexus RX doesn’t skimp on performance though, as this crossover offers an exceptionally quiet ride, great handling and balance, and sumptuous comfort for both drivers and passengers. And you’ll enjoy serious safety on the road thanks to features like adaptive cruise control, automatic forward collision warning, automatic braking, and lane keep assist.

The Best Family SUV: 2019 Honda Pilot

Starting MSRP: $31,450²

A family vehicle needs to be able to handle it all, from everyday errands to long road trips. And that’s exactly what you’ll get if you choose the 2019 Honda Pilot. This SUV is a well-rounded vehicle that offers plenty of space for cargo and passengers, has strong reliability, and includes a host of features meant to make driving easier.

The newest Honda Pilot comes with new standard driver assistance features, like forward collision warning, emergency braking, and lane departure warning. In addition to these safety features, drivers and passengers will both enjoy a smooth, comfy ride in the Pilot’s cozy seating. All three rows of seats offer enough space for adults to ride, and little details like wireless charging capability and a strong infotainment system are added perks.

The Best SUV for Adventure: 2019 Subaru Ascent

Starting MSRP: $32,970³

For 2019, Subaru decided to bring a three-row SUV back into its lineup, and the Ascent is a fantastic addition. LIke Subaru’s other rugged and capable vehicles, the 2019 Ascent is an SUV that can handle absolutely any adventure, whether you’re hitting paved roads or unpredictable roads. With enough room for eight passengers and standard all-wheel drive, this SUV is ready to tackle anything.

The 2019 Subaru Ascent is both highly functional and incredibly versatile. It’s a fun SUV to drive, offering a balanced ride that handles well, even on the roughest of roads. The interior is roomy and spacious, meaning you can fit plenty of passengers and gear for any trip. And with the ability to tow up to 5,000 pounds, the Ascent is the perfect adventurer’s companion. It’s tech-friendly too, offering features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a 4G LTE hotspot, and a touch-only infotainment system.

The Best All-Season SUV: 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Starting MSRP: $33,190⁴

If there’s an SUV that’s long been recognized for its awesome capabilities, it’s the Jeep Grand Cherokee – and for 2019, this storied SUV is only getting more impressive. As the latest version of the Grand Cherokee hits roads everywhere, drivers are loving its ability to drive on any roads during any season, making it a great choice for those who need an SUV that’s truly tough.

The 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee packs three different V-8 engine options and is a great example of the Jeep brand’s legendary capability. A large SUV, the Grand Cherokee stands up as an excellent choice for off-roading, and it can be customized with different trim and package options to make it your own unique vehicle. New features, like standard blind spot monitoring and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, bring the 2019 Grand Cherokee into the modern era without sacrificing any quality.

The Best SUV for New Drivers: 2019 Toyota Highlander

Starting MSRP: $31,530⁵

Drivers who are just hitting the road and looking for their very first car will love the 2019 Toyota Highlander. This SUV is efficient, reliable, spacious, and safe to drive, making it an excellent choice for new drivers. The latest iteration of the popular Highlander includes two different engine options, plenty of standard advanced safety features, and enough room for a third row of seating or roomy cargo space.

The 2019 Toyota Highlander is comfortable and stylish, offering drivers the best of both worlds. It packs enough power to handle the highway or city streets, and different trim levels include upgraded features and amenities. It offers everything a new driver could want and need, from a stellar safety package to great road visibility and room for passengers.

Get Behind the Wheel of a 2019 SUV Today

If you’re ready to buy any of these SUVs, or perhaps another model that’s perfect for you and your needs, you can take action right now. There’s no need to visit a dealership first – you can start your search for your new SUV right from your computer.

Before you settle on a price, make sure to search for local dealerships, pricing, and different incentives online. You can compare the prices of your dream SUV all at once, checking for deals, discounts, and sale events without even leaving home. And with pricing and sales changing throughout the year, it’s important to take this step and do your research so you’re sure you’re getting the best deal available on a new SUV of any kind.

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