We all know it’s coming, but CES is always full of surprises. Some of the most disruptive, innovative, and jaw-dropping technologies were first introduced to the world at the Consumer Electronics Show. That’s one reason to pay attention, but it’s far from the gala’s only attraction.

Millions of people stay current on CES tech for the strangeness of it all. The event always features its own brand of weird, odd, and unsettling. This year’s showcase is no different either. Today, we’re going to introduce you to the Consumer Electronics Show and take a look at the most head-turning inventions featured at CES 2023.

What is CES?

In short, it’s the most influential annual tech event in the entire world. CES, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show, brings the latest and the greatest in tech to the bright lights of Las Vegas. Every January, tech entrepreneurs, robotics experts, and engineers of all sorts converge on the desert to showcase what they’ve been working on.1

CES 2023 ran from January 5th through to January 8th, and once again offered up an endless supply of odd, inventive, and terrifying innovations. You never really know what to expect to see at CES, which is what makes it so great. From smart spoons to robot pets, read ahead for our CES 2023 gadget highlights.


The concept of digital housepets has been toyed with in pop-culture for decades, but Dog-E makes it real.2 The adorable little robotic dog stole a lot of hearts at CES 2023, and is poised for a commercial breakthrough whenever it does happen to ship. Each Dog-E has its own unique personality that slowly reveals itself as it’s played with. The device is responsive to touch, lights up, and communicates with texts and emojis.


This company uses electric current to stimulate the tongue and enhance the taste of food that you eat. It may look like a regular spoon, but the SpoonTek is actually a food enhancement device credited with making healthy food more delicious and desirable.3 It’s easy to clean, even easier to use, and stands as the world’s first commercial eating utensil with built-in electronics to enhance flavor.


The company calls this screen-embedded smart cutting board the Peleton of the kitchen, and the comparisons are clear.4 Part cutting board, part touch screen monitor, the BLOK delivers an informative and interactive cooking experience featuring live and on-demand classes. Every unit comes with a sleek and space-conscious docking station to charge and display your BLOK when it isn’t being used.

Shiftall Mutalk

The Shiftall Mutalk got a lot of attention at this year’s CES. You can attribute a lot of that attention to the device’s aesthetics. It looks like a VR headset, but for your mouth. The device wraps around your entire mouth to mute the sound of your voice when you use the built-in bluetooth microphone to communicate.5 It’s an innovative solution to privacy and volume concerns a lot of people have when communicating with others online.


The aesthetically pleasing little device sets out to re-define at-home health metrics by bringing urine analysis to the comfort of your own bathroom.6 The gadget is made to fit every toilet bowl, and is capable of monitoring a huge collection of important biomarkers and providing actionable health advice. It aims to deliver medically precise data to help you make healthier decisions.

The Premier Projector

You’ve seen projectors before, but never this good, and never at home. Samsung unveiled a brand-new, ultra-short throw projector called The Premier at this year’s CES.7 The incredible device comes with built-in speakers, has all of the Samsung smart TV features you’ve come to expect, and is capable of 8K resolution.

The Aska A5 Flying Car

This isn’t the first time the CES has seen a flying car, but the Aska 5 Flying Car turned heads nonetheless.8 The car relies on a combination of electric and gas, and is roughly the size of an average SUV. Though there’s no telling when you might be able to bring one home, Aska is currently collecting $5,000 deposits to preorder the $789,000 vehicle.


Afeela is the name of the new automotive product to come out of the partnership between Sony and Honda. The Afeela’s first prototype made it to the CES floor for the first time this year.9 It features safety and driver assistance features from Honda and entertainment and interactivity features from Sony. Of the countless on-board tech features, Afeela boasts 45 cameras and sensors on the outside and inside of the vehicle, and the ability to play Playstation 5 games.

The Future Is Now!

From robotic house pets to flying cars, the future of at-home electronics is undoubtedly bright. This is CES though, and if history tells us anything, a number of the products featured won’t make it past the prototype stage.

Technological innovation is a constant process, with new and exciting creations being brought to life every single day. All the more reason to stay current on all things consumer tech by reading your favorite blogs and keeping it locked on Nation.

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