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Here’s How People Are Getting Upgraded to Business Class for Cheap

The perks of flying business class instead of economy are incredible: extra privacy, ample legroom, free cocktails, and free food. While coach airfare can be found for under $100, a single business class ticket costs as much as 200% more according to USA Today. Fortunately, it’s super common for airlines to undersell business class flights, […]

The 4 Cheapest Luxury Cruise Lines

Personalized service, exquisite cabins, and one-of-a-kind experiences: it’s all available on a luxury cruise. Unfortunately, those incredible perks come with an expensive price tag. According to ABC News, a luxury cruise can cost anywhere from $400 to $900 per person, per day. A single 3-day cruise could total $2,700 per passenger! You can travel the […]

People Are Finding Cheap Travel Insurance That Covers Everything

As much as you love to travel, you can’t forget that you’re totally out of control while away from home. You can plan your trip down to the hour, but you’re still dependent on airlines, hotels, cab drivers, and even the weather. Unpredictability can strike at any time, from last-second storms to airlines losing baggage […]

Here’s Why You Should Plan Your Next Vacation in January

Traveling isn’t cheap. From airfare totaling hundreds – or thousands – of dollars to expensive hotel rooms to overpriced resorts, it’s hard to find vacation options within your budget. But there’s a secret to scoring cheap airfare and vacation deals: you need to plan your travel in January. Whether you’re looking to escape the winter […]